Top AR Games for iOS and Android

This summer “Pokemon Go” game a hit game for mobile devices, but you might be wondering what are some other quality augmented reality (AR) titles. While there are several options here are some of the best ones:

  1. ARBasketball

Are you a hoop and AR fan? If so, then you should check out “ARBasketball.” This provides a new experience for basketball games. You aim your handset’s camera at and empty area. It then forms a fake basketball hoop.

The first step is to print the marker. Then you see the hoop at the place where you’ve put the marker. You play this game by swing the screen to toss the ball. The goal is to score as many points as you can. There are three modes including multiplayer. There are also global leaderboards to compete with your friends and integrate with social platforms.

  1. AR Invaders

Here’s another AR game you should consider if you’re searching for one. This is a space invader type game. You must join the Earth’s resistance to protect Earth and fight through groups of invading aliens.

This game includes two different modes based on your position. If you’re standing then, the game is a 360-degree shoot-them-up. Meanwhile, if you’re sitting then it an 180-degree game to defend your home base.

A big problem with this game is that you can’t move your saves on the SD card. The reason is often filled up your smartphone’s memory very quickly.

This game is also available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

This adventure game requires players to follow clues to find a secret temple. This game uses your built-in camera and improves the real world scenario. This gives you an amazing and unique adventure. Take note that this game is available for Android by not iOS.

  1. Toyota 86 AR

What’s this game all about? You must first download and print a marker named “Made to Thrill.” Then put the marker on the floor so you can start playing the game. It builds an augmented track to improve your car-driving skills.

The controls for this game are very easy, and you can probably learn them quickly. You’ll soon become an expert on the track.

  1. Paintball Arena

If you’re a paintball fan, then you should check out “Paintball Arena.” This multi-player game is an arena style shooter game. You can even win currency by finishing missions while playing the AR game with your friends.

You can play this game in any environment. However, you must have a Wi-Fi connection. Before you begin playing, you must define your opponent’s shirt color so the game can detect them.

After that, you must pick a game mode by selecting a time limit/unlimited time. Then the game starts. Hits make your smartphone vibrate. You also have to shake your handset to reload your virtual weapon.

“Paintball Arena” is available for iOS and Android. This allows you to play it on smartphones and tablets for both platforms.

  1. Bonus: AR Casino games at Slotsmillion is revolutionizing the online slots and pokies industry by introducing virtual reality casino games. You can play real money pokies in virtual reality now! As if they were’t addictive enough already!

The craziest feature is the “live casino” games where you have real life dealers that are video feeds from real-time dealers in a studio that you get to view in full virtual reality. It is possibly one of the first interactive real-time VR experiences. Of course the gambling industry would do this first!

Why not check out how these games stack up against “Pokemon Go”?

Top 5 iOS and Android Casino Apps

Are you a fan of online casinos? It’s a lot more convenient than taking a vacation to Las Vegas or Macau, and mobile apps make your Internet gambling even more convenient. If you’re looking for the best iOS and Android casino apps

here are 5 of them:

  1. Party Casino

The party’s at Party Casino if you’re a fan of an Internet casino. The casino app allows owners of iOS and Android devices to enjoy tons of different games. People have the option to down the app from App Store or Google Play or download it from the website. The site will automatically detect the user’s smartphone make and model then report the right casino app to download.

  1. Jackpot Paradise

If you’re a fan of casino games and you have an iOS or Android device, this is easily one of your best choices. Its app has thousands of users. The app includes several key features including a high-end user experience, unlimited free credits for members. New members can also get 10 free spins on slot games and up to $200 in matching bonuses.

  1. Jackpot City

This app for smartphones and tablets is available for Apple’s and Google’s mobile OS. It’s built on software from Microgaming, which is one of the top developers of casino apps. Jackpot City provides gamers with an excellent experience that includes top-notch graphics and sound.

Jackpot City includes 11 casino games that include several gambling genres. That includes blackjack, roulette, slots, and others. Jackpot City includes unlimited casino games for members and membership is free.

  1. Royal Vegas

Regarding casino apps, this one is among royalty. In fact, Royal Vegas is one of the world’s biggest names in the world of physical casinos. It’s now made its way to mobile devices.

What are the perks of Royal Vegas app? It’s quite easy and simple to register this mobile casino app. This provides players with many bonuses and promotions. That helps to add value to your online gambling and reduces the house’s edge, which is a plus.

Not only that, but the casino also has quality content built on Microgaming software. You can find a wide variety of games including blackjack, roulette, and slots. Not only that but there’s a $1200 bonus to get you started with the app.

  1. Bet365

If you want to enjoy a casino app 365 days a week, then Bet365 is one of the best options. It’s powered by software from Playtech, which is an industry leader. You can choose from several casino games including blackjack and roulette, as well as several slot games. The Bet365 app also gives people the chance to place sports bets.

If you secure the Bet365 app, you’ll unlock a $200 matching bonus. This gives you the chance to play for and win real money. This is a plus if you don’t just want to use a mobile app to play casino games, but also get payouts. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great feature for anyone who wants to put real money on the line.

Top 5 Strategy Games for Android devices

Do you like figuring things out? If so, then you might be a fan of mobile strategy games. However, which ones should you choose? If you have an Android device these are some of the top ones to consider:

  1. Clash of Clans

This game has been out a while but is still one of the top Android mobile games. Your mission is to build a village, protect it from attackers, and attack other online players.

This game has a lot of content and several players. This makes it a great option if you want to use a multi-player strategy. The game is also free with some in-app purchases.

  1. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

If you’re a fan of “Warcraft” games, then you should consider this one. In fact, it’s arguably one of the top mobile strategy games.

The game involves building decks of cards then using them to fight other online players. You can unlock cards as you continue and improve and get stronger. This game has cross-platform support in the case you use a account. This allows you to play on mobile and PC.

Blizzard has done an excellent job adding brand new content and keeping the game fun and fresh. This is easily one of the card duel options that’s available now.

  1. Age of Civilizations

This mobile game is a blend between a strategy game and board game. It has a lot of features that are similar to the old-school board game “Risk.” Your goal is to capture territories held by other civilizations.

You must access various scenarios such as WW1 and WW2, and modern-world situations. You also have the ability to build scenarios for challenging yourself. The game has 193 civilizations and two planets. The game is complex and very addictive and has no in-app purchases.

  1. Clash Royale

This is a two-card dueling strategy game. The goal of this game is to build a deck then battle other online players. “Clash Royale” requires strategy to use strategies that are better than other online players.

You’ll get basic cards to begin with. Then you can unlock more as you play the game. Winners get trophies that boost their ranking. Then they can join clans so you can play against friends. The game also includes a TV Royale feature that allows you to watch duels to learn from the best. This game is free if you play with in-app purchases.

  1. Great Big War Game

This strategy game requires you to deploy troops in various scenarios and win battles. The game includes online multiplayer and pass-and-play local multiplayer. This provides mobile gamers with several ways to play the strategy game.

The game includes a lot of silly dialogue and tries to create a light game. The game includes a lot of content, and the overall game is a good one. While the title includes in-app purchases, it’s not a pay-to-win game. So you won’t have to worry about spending big bucks to finish the strategy game.

Top 5 Racing Games for iOS

Do you have the need for speed? If so, then you should consider some of the top racing games for iPhone and iPad. Here are some of them:

  1. Need for Speed: No Limits

If you’re a fan of car racing games, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this franchise. It’s a free racing game that includes short, but tough races that require you to compete in the street racing circuit.

If you want to win you’ll have to use various skills such as drafting, drifting, and wise nitro usage. This will help you to win and earn parts to modify your vehicle or blueprints to unlock new vehicles.

“NFS: No Limits” includes several in-game as well as premium currency systems. There’s also a fuel system, although daily challenges give you the chance to win big currency without making any in-app purchases. This is a plus if you want to save money playing the game.

  1. GT Racing 2

This is another great iOS racing game. It’s a drivingsimulator title. The game is advertised as a “Real Car” experience. “GT Racing 2” features over 70 licensed vehicles that you can race on 13 tracks.

Players can try out different modes including Duels, Overtakes, and Knockouts. They can also take part in races across over 1,000 events. The game also includes built-in screenshot function and several camera modes. This allows you to enjoy the smooth graphics as well as weather effects.

  1. Fast & Furious: Legacy

Not only is Fast &Furious a popular movie franchise but you can also enjoy this fun-filled racing game for iOS devices.

This the latest game based on the popular movie franchise. It mixes drag racing crazy drifting, and lane control, which results in a fun arcade racing-type game that focuses on action over simulation.

Players must race with and against faces in a variety of game modes. They must also collect over 50 custom cars. Even though there are timing as well as free-to-play limiters, the game provides a great racing experience.

  1. Real Racing 3

This is a great free driving simulation game that allows you to drive several real cars around real racetracks around the world. The game also includes several game modes such as time trials, Time Shift multi-player mode, etc. This provides several challenges for players. Updates are always adding new content that includes new vehicles and racing events.

  1. Red Bull Air Race 2

Here’s another great racing game for iOS. This is a great motorsport game that allows you to use some of the world’s fastest planes to compete in over 400 races. There’s also class, local, and global tourneys.

This sequel to the first game includes graphics upgrades and new mechanics including aircraft upgrades and customizable crew. This will help to boost your plane’s performance.

These are some of the top racing games for iOS. There are tons to choose from, but if you want to pick the best games that require you to race from Point A to Point B, this is it.

Top 5 Android Puzzle Games

Do you want to play mobile games that give your brain a workout? If so, then you should consider these Android puzzle games that will do just that:

  1. The Room

“The Room is a first-person adventure game that requires you to solve 3D puzzle boxes. Each one of them is loaded with items including doors, codes, locks, dials, and others.

There’s never just a single solution. So the challenge of this title is to figure out which approach can unlock the next opportunity. Meanwhile, you must rotate the box, find details to explore and focus on clues.

This game has excellent graphics and well-designed boxes. If you liked the original, you’d be pleased that the sequel started where the last one ended.

  1. Monument Valley

This is a lovely and surreal game that’s one of the most exciting games available for Android devices. In this game, you’re Princess Ida and must move around the terrain, which sometimes isn’t based on physics in the real world.

“Monument Valley” allows you to create amazing locales. You can change them by rotating staircases, turn dials, and so on.

Each level of this game is fun. The game is short and can be completed in a few hours. However, it is a fun game and has a little story as well. There’s also an expansion named “The Forgotten Shores.”

  1. Threes!

This is a number puzzle that’s based on continuous addition. You must merge number tiles to keep the board from filling up. A new tile shows up after each move you make.

The 1 and 2 tiles when added together result in 3. Then all the other files can be blended with the same number to make bigger numbers. The goal is to keep building bigger number tiles to boost your score. Each swipe can move/merge each of the board’s tiles.

  1. Hundreds

This is a puzzle game that is perfect for mobile touchscreens. You must tap/hold expanding circles to get the total to add up to a score of 100. They also can’t run into any other circles/obstacles while growing or hit any hazards.

The game starts out simple. However, it then starts to get hectic. There’s ice in the game, and you’ll have to hold multiple circles at one time so they can start growing. Even though “hundreds” can get chaotic, it requires a lot of planning/execution that’s done carefully.

The bigger the screen is, the better. The game is best on tablets.

  1. Blek

This is a fresh game that it’s an original mobile game, but also doesn’t have a traditional structure. There are missions and the “best” way to solve every stage. However, the design of this puzzle games allows games to use freedom and creativity.

The goal of each stage is to clear colored dots in one attempt. This is done by drawing a squiggle or doodle. After your finger lifts from the screen, the drawing repeats the input as an endless animation.  It continues until it leaves the player’s view or hits a black dot.

Online Versions Of Games That Are Realistic

Technology today has made it possible for people all over the world to access any application on their smart devices wherever they are at any given moment in time. These applications can be things such as banking apps, news apps, and social media applications, but there also apps for entertainment. There is an application for Netflix and various other video and movie viewing sites. One of the main forms of apps that is the most popular today are gaming apps. This has now progressed into online versions of games that are realistic to what one would play in real life, such as slot machine games. For those are avid slot machine players, they will be happy to hear that there is now an application for you to enjoy all of the entertainment which slots bring you, right in the palm of your hand! There are a variety of slot machine apps. Let’s explore a few and figure out what makes them so great!

Android offers the top five casino apps. Let’s first begin with the casino apps which allow the user to play for real money. First, please know that the apps listed in this article are all 100 percent safe, legal, and ran by trusted international companies. The first app is called Partycasino. This app was relaunched in May of 2016. The newest platform of this game is listed in the top five because it is one of the best for Android of 2016. The slots are this apps strongest suit. It offers a modern version of the classics such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. It also features popular versions such as Game of Thrones as well as Castle Builder. The second app is Energy Casino. This app is what everyone has been talking about in this industry.



It offers over 450 games. The internet offers many gambling hubs however, Energy Casino is one of the most popular for Android. The third app is called BGO Vegas. With an initial 20 free spins, you will think there is not a whole to this app. This is entirely false, the popularity of this app is incredibly because you have access to the best casino games that the Internet has to offer. Bet 365 Casino is the fourth app on the list of best apps however, it is listed as the first in the ranking of real life apps that are closest the experience of being at a casino. This app features a variety of games- 250 to be exact. Some of the games include Silent Samurai Jackpot, Age of the Gods, Top Gun, and Jekyll and Hyde. The fifth app is called William Hill Vegas. It offers a large brand of games and sports betting. Some have said this app lacks excitement however you may find that on the Android platform, it is one of the most exciting.

The top five free apps include the following: Jackpot Madness, DoubleU Casino, Jackpot Party, Play Stots- Big Win Casino, and Monopoly Slots. All of these apps have proven to be both entertaining and great ways to pass the time. Whether you are playing to win real money or just playing for fun, you will find that the apps suggested in this article will tower above the rest. With the technology we have access to today, it is almost impossible to sort through every single casino app. However, we have done our best to find out the best apps which offer the greatest value in game play and experience as a whole. Check out the app store on your Android device today!