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Manuel Martínez-Almeida

Founder, programming and design
Manuel founded this studio with an objective, develop AAA titles: professional graphics, sounds, good control and incredible gameplay. Currently he works as programmer and designer in several cross platform titles.

Chris Chudley ( Audioantics )


Famed freelance composer that composed soundtracks including all of the Geometry Wars series, PGR3 and PGR4. In addition, he worked as Sound Designer for Blur and for other hits distributed by Activision ®.

Chris Chudley has composed the incredible Infinity Field's soundtrack!!

Kaamos Sound

Tapio Liukkonen ( Kaamos Sound )

Sound Engineer

Kaamos Sound is professional, custom sound effect engineering.
Tapio Liukkonen has produced the awesome sound effects featured in Infinity Field.


Alejandro Luengo Gomez ( OverKillers )

Music Composer

Composer of the electronic band, OverKillers (published by SONY Music).