Do you want to play mobile games that give your brain a workout? If so, then you should consider these Android puzzle games that will do just that:

  1. The Room

“The Room is a first-person adventure game that requires you to solve 3D puzzle boxes. Each one of them is loaded with items including doors, codes, locks, dials, and others.

There’s never just a single solution. So the challenge of this title is to figure out which approach can unlock the next opportunity. Meanwhile, you must rotate the box, find details to explore and focus on clues.

This game has excellent graphics and well-designed boxes. If you liked the original, you’d be pleased that the sequel started where the last one ended.

  1. Monument Valley

This is a lovely and surreal game that’s one of the most exciting games available for Android devices. In this game, you’re Princess Ida and must move around the terrain, which sometimes isn’t based on physics in the real world.

“Monument Valley” allows you to create amazing locales. You can change them by rotating staircases, turn dials, and so on.

Each level of this game is fun. The game is short and can be completed in a few hours. However, it is a fun game and has a little story as well. There’s also an expansion named “The Forgotten Shores.”

  1. Threes!

This is a number puzzle that’s based on continuous addition. You must merge number tiles to keep the board from filling up. A new tile shows up after each move you make.

The 1 and 2 tiles when added together result in 3. Then all the other files can be blended with the same number to make bigger numbers. The goal is to keep building bigger number tiles to boost your score. Each swipe can move/merge each of the board’s tiles.

  1. Hundreds

This is a puzzle game that is perfect for mobile touchscreens. You must tap/hold expanding circles to get the total to add up to a score of 100. They also can’t run into any other circles/obstacles while growing or hit any hazards.

The game starts out simple. However, it then starts to get hectic. There’s ice in the game, and you’ll have to hold multiple circles at one time so they can start growing. Even though “hundreds” can get chaotic, it requires a lot of planning/execution that’s done carefully.

The bigger the screen is, the better. The game is best on tablets.

  1. Blek

This is a fresh game that it’s an original mobile game, but also doesn’t have a traditional structure. There are missions and the “best” way to solve every stage. However, the design of this puzzle games allows games to use freedom and creativity.

The goal of each stage is to clear colored dots in one attempt. This is done by drawing a squiggle or doodle. After your finger lifts from the screen, the drawing repeats the input as an endless animation.  It continues until it leaves the player’s view or hits a black dot.