This summer “Pokemon Go” game a hit game for mobile devices, but you might be wondering what are some other quality augmented reality (AR) titles. While there are several options here are some of the best ones:

  1. ARBasketball

Are you a hoop and AR fan? If so, then you should check out “ARBasketball.” This provides a new experience for basketball games. You aim your handset’s camera at and empty area. It then forms a fake basketball hoop.

The first step is to print the marker. Then you see the hoop at the place where you’ve put the marker. You play this game by swing the screen to toss the ball. The goal is to score as many points as you can. There are three modes including multiplayer. There are also global leaderboards to compete with your friends and integrate with social platforms.

  1. AR Invaders

Here’s another AR game you should consider if you’re searching for one. This is a space invader type game. You must join the Earth’s resistance to protect Earth and fight through groups of invading aliens.

This game includes two different modes based on your position. If you’re standing then, the game is a 360-degree shoot-them-up. Meanwhile, if you’re sitting then it an 180-degree game to defend your home base.

A big problem with this game is that you can’t move your saves on the SD card. The reason is often filled up your smartphone’s memory very quickly.

This game is also available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Temple Treasure Hunt Game

This adventure game requires players to follow clues to find a secret temple. This game uses your built-in camera and improves the real world scenario. This gives you an amazing and unique adventure. Take note that this game is available for Android by not iOS.

  1. Toyota 86 AR

What’s this game all about? You must first download and print a marker named “Made to Thrill.” Then put the marker on the floor so you can start playing the game. It builds an augmented track to improve your car-driving skills.

The controls for this game are very easy, and you can probably learn them quickly. You’ll soon become an expert on the track.

  1. Paintball Arena

If you’re a paintball fan, then you should check out “Paintball Arena.” This multi-player game is an arena style shooter game. You can even win currency by finishing missions while playing the AR game with your friends.

You can play this game in any environment. However, you must have a Wi-Fi connection. Before you begin playing, you must define your opponent’s shirt color so the game can detect them.

After that, you must pick a game mode by selecting a time limit/unlimited time. Then the game starts. Hits make your smartphone vibrate. You also have to shake your handset to reload your virtual weapon.

“Paintball Arena” is available for iOS and Android. This allows you to play it on smartphones and tablets for both platforms.

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The craziest feature is the “live casino” games where you have real life dealers that are video feeds from real-time dealers in a studio that you get to view in full virtual reality. It is possibly one of the first interactive real-time VR experiences. Of course the gambling industry would do this first!

Why not check out how these games stack up against “Pokemon Go”?